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Why everyone should have an exit plan

One of the most important, if not the most important and simple part of an
emergency plan is to have a plan of action for your family when a
potential disaster strikes. A simple escape plan in the event of fire in
the middle of the night, with an agreed upon meeting place outside so
that a quick head count can be done is vital.

An agreed upon meeting place after a large scale event, with an alternate meeting place aside from one's home, can also make a big difference in that sort of event.

As a company that specializes in post disaster restoration, we have some insight into pre-disaster planning and we offer this free as a public service.

Joe Rivera
Advanced Recovery Corporation

Serving:  Oregon and Southern Washington

This is what Mold looks like under a microscope.  This is actually a very deadly enemy to the human body, especially in large quantities.

Fire Extinguishers:  In the spirit of preventing fire, fire extinguishers can help a lot.

Deep ashtrays should be provided for smokers and they should be emptied daily, and all butts should be out cold. And obviously smokers should refrain from smoking in bed or while falling asleep.

A friend of mine recently lost his wife in a fire. My friend had come home and the smoke was billowing out of the house. He tried to go in to find his wife as he knew she had been at home, but he just couldn't penetrate deeply into the structure with the heat and smoke (NOT a recommended procedure, as the second person could become a victim as well without the proper training and gear). He couldn't find her. She was at the source of the heat and smoke.The investigation from the fire marshal indicated that she had apparently fallen asleep while smoking.

So although this advice is simple it is very important.

Please pass along fire safety ideas – it can save the life of someone dear.

Joe Rivera
Advanced Recovery Corporation