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My name is Joe Rivera.  I am the creator of the chemical-free proprietary technology,  Arkeon Chemical-Free Carpet Cleaning. The modern processes involved in using packaged chemicals to clean carpets simply cost too much and pose too many environmental and health hazards. That’s why I invented Arkeon. 

I discovered the technology to make water into a detergent by adding a certain electron structure without the use of chemicals. By doing so, I bypassed the dangers of chemical-based cleaning and created a proprietary technology that is not only more environmentally-friendly than average carpet treatments, but also more cost effective.


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I cleaned carpets for nearly a decade, starting in the 80’s. It was not until I underwent minor digestive surgery that I first began to question the effects of traditional carpet-cleaning processes.

Chemicals used in industry are required to be disclosed as to their potential harmful effects to the user or anyone who may come into contact with them.  The chemicals and their harmful effects are listed on a document called a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).  I searched high and low for carpet cleaning chemicals, and I couldn’t find any without potentially harmful toxins, and in many cases they contained several cancer causing agents (carcinogens). In fact, the primary cleaning agent I was using at the time stated that its ingredients were known to cause difficulties with the digestive system! I had also been experiencing an arthritic-like condition in my right hand which was continuously doused with this chemical while cleaning.

Once I recovered from the surgery, I went on to pursue green cleaning solutions, reading the MSDS of other companies products and skipping any hype. The MSDS’s told the story -  all of them had toxic and or carcinogenic chemicals.  Case-in-point, even the so-called “orange peel based” solvents were refined to a point where they were as toxic as their petroleum-based counterparts, or nearly so.

I am very proud to have brought Arkeon as a green technology into the industry that supported me and my family over the last thirty years, and would recommend that any professional or individual interested in improving their health look more closely at the Material Safety Data Sheet of their primary cleaning products. If you feel Arkeon could help you or someone you know, contact our family-owned company and let us introduce you to the green way to clean.

10 Reasons to Use Arkeon

1) The Arkeon Chemfree Unit ionizer converts water into a cleaning solution without the use of any chemicals. 

2) In side-by-side cleaning tests against other general cleaning detergents for professional carpet cleaning, the Arkeon Chem Free Unit ranked superior in cleaning.

3) The unit's cost is reasonable, and with the lease program cleaners would immediately realize a monthly cost savings over the chemicals that the unit replaces.

4) Safety for the carpet cleaner is enhanced greatly, and you have the advantage of offering and delivering chemical free carpet cleaning for your key customers.

5) Pride in having the best system - safest choice for the customer. 

6) Greater employee longevity and retention. 

7) The extremely low fee provides advantages normally afforded to franchised operations without requiring members to change their identity in the marketplace.

8) Surveys and field testing have shown that clients interested in the chemical free process of cleaning were willing to pay 50-100% more for the cleaning utilizing that process.

9) While reducing costs and providing a safer environment for all, the process would provide greater profitability.

10) The process actually prevents scale buildup with the existing equipment so the equipment LASTS LONGER. 

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Why to Avoid Chemicals

Additional Information

While it has become popular to be green in the decades since I first invented Arkeon, how many people truly understand why avoiding chemicals is so important? 

Life on our planet evolved over eons, according to current scientific theory, and however this came to be, the fact remains that our bodies respond best to natural elements of nature, such as organically grown foods.

Toxic chemicals in our environment accumulate in our bodies and could cause harmful effects. A well-known example is the “flashbulbs” experienced from users of viruscides.  LSD crystals are said to lodge themselves in the body and then, when normal exercise dislodges them, may produce a new full-blown trip years later.

Research has concluded that toxins, including drugs, parasites and common household toxic substances accumulate in the body and causes such effects as lowered IQ.

The evidence is overwhelming—such as the participants in a study of a sweat program to rid the body of the toxic elements—they scored much higher in IQ and mental capacity analysis after the program was completed in every case studied.

It is important for all of us, and for future generations, that we eliminate the use of toxic substances in the environment where we all live.

Be selective about products and services that allow chemicals to enter your system.

Living Green

It is important for all of us, and for future generations, that we eliminate the use of toxic substances in the environment where we all live.

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