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heating & air conditioner trouble, as well as faulty water heaters and more.

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Our network spans all of Western Oregon

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Advanced Recovery Corporation

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Referral Program

Friendship. Referrals. Donuts.

     What do you get for being a part of the ARC Referral Network? Exactly what I said—friendship, referrals and donuts. We pride ourselves on a neighborly approach. Ours is a network of service professionals, like yourself, working in a community that spans all of Western Oregon, and when we get a call that our company can’t handle—such as snaking a clogged pipe, fixing a ventilation problem or removing asbestos—we call on YOU. 

     Each week our family reaches out to every plumbing office or HVAC technician in our network, with bagels, donuts and a friendly helping hand. And when you refer us a fire/water or animal damage job that your company is not set up to do, we respond by referring work back to you. That’s called being neighborly.

     Join the Network. And next time you need a cup of sugar, or a few gallons of water pumped out of a crawl space, give us a call.


Joe Rivera
Owner of Advanced Recovery Corporation

(503) 437-2143


"When we get a call that our company can’t handle--we call on YOU."