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Who We Are

Restoring Homes & Protecting Lives

Hello. My name is Joe Rivera and I am the owner of Advanced Recovery Corporation. 

I have been in the restoration business since 1985. Back then, there was no such thing as a "damage recovery" company--when your home was flooded and you wanted to dry the carpet you called the carpet guy, and that's where I started.  

When other carpet companies were still using chemicals with a high carcinogenic rate, I patented my invention of a chemical free way to clean water-damaged carpets.  

Thirty years later, we have expanded to all types of damage restoration and bio-hazard clean-up, and are the only family-owned and run restoration business in the neighborhood. My family maintains the standard for healthy living by our service to Western Oregon. 

I'm proud of the service my company provides to the community, by removing mold, bio-hazard waste, standing water, and smoke or flood-ruined material from homes. We clean up after sewage breaks, rodent damage and patch up crawl spaces every day. 

I've been doing this for three decades, and want to thank the community that has supported us.  We network with local and national property managers, fire departments, HVAC technicians and plumbers—providing a connection that has expanded all the way to the coast and up to Washington.

Thank you for being here for us, and allowing us to be there for you in your time of need.  


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