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Dedication. Safety. Confidence.

Our mission is to provide immediate help to homeowners and businesses experiencing a fire, flood or other property damage, and ensure you have a support team taking care of your entire rebuild project from start to finish.

Beyond the devastation that fire, flood and animal damage can cause, there are major health risks ensuant to exposure to dangerous toxins and mold. Our technicians have the training and equipment to handle it. Contact us for more information about how Advanced Recovery can help you salvage your valuable asset and get you on the road to complete recovery.

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Emergency Services

Fire Damage


Call us NOW and start recovering from the devastating effects of fire and smoke damage.

Water Damage


To gain immediate help to secure your valuables and stem the flow, contact Advanced Recovery. We will safely dry, deodorize and disinfect the areas affected by flooding or water damage.

Animal Damage


Sometimes it can be difficult to determine how or what caused damage to your property. But discovering whether a rodent or other animal made the mess can mean the difference between getting your restoration covered by insurance...or not. Advanced Recovery can help you determine how the damage was done and ensure you get the financial support you are entitled to.

The Right Tools


Without the tools and equipment to safely locate and remove moisture from your property, you may face an additional worry even after a fire, flood or animal damage has ceased to cause devastation: the rapid growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew and other harmful microorganisms. 

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Advanced Recovery will locate and measure the extent of water saturation. We then use submersible and truck-mounted extraction units to perform efficient water removal. 

Later on, anti-microbial treatments will deodorize and disinfect your property to stop the growth of mold.

Exposure to mold or other microorganisms can increase your risk of serious health issues. Protect youself by calling Advanced Recovery for your mold remediation needs.

Dangerous Messes


Many wild animals are carriers of disease pathogens. Before you attempt to handle damage caused by rodents or other animals yourself, contact Advanced Recovery. Our licensed professionals are trained in proper safety procedures and have the equipment to protect your home, and themselves, from potentially dangerous spills or messes.

Reconstruction & Remodeling


The emergency is over, but the road to complete recovery of your property assets now must include rebuilding. Advanced Recovery can help you find the perfect fit for your budget and expectations with our network of local and national builders.

Finding the silver lining can be hard when you have experienced major damage to your home or business. But with our help, you can use this opportunity to do that kitchen remodel, or new business front you always wanted. Learn more about remodeling and how Advanced Recovery can assist you to gain help from your insurance company to do it!

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